The Wizard is one of four classes that may be chosen in Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Wizards have the highest mastery of all mana types. Because of their high natural mastery they can receive more mana when matching gems, meaning they can use spells more often. The Wizard is an offensive class, and many of their spells deal direct damage to the opponent.


Spell Description Requirement Cost
Fire bolt Does 4 points of damage to enemy, Plus an additional +1 for every 8 Red Mana. Level 1 4R 4Y

Channel air

Adds +5 to Red Mana. Your turn does not end. Level 2 3G 3Y 3B
Fire Shield Protects against 1 point of damage whenever you receive 2 or more

damage. Lasts for 8 turns, plus an additional turn for every 3 of your Red Mana.

Level 3 5R 6B
Haste Does 4 points of damage to your enemy whenever you get an extra turn. Lasts for 10 turns, plus an additional turn for every 5 of your Yellow Mana. Level 4 6Y 5B
Mana Burn Reduces your enemy's Mana Reserves by 5. Your turn does not end if Red Mana is 8+. Level 5 3G 4R
Hand of Power Adds +2 to damage for 10 turns. This effect may be stacked two times. Level 6 5G 2R 5Y
Light Causes Blind on your enemy for 2 turns, plus an additional turn for every 8 Yellow Mana. Level 7 6R 10Y
Heat Sink Reduces your enemy's Red Mana by 8, and gives it to you. Level 8 3G 3B
Fireball Destroys a selected 3x3 grid of gems, gaining full effects for all gems
destroyed, plus an additional 8 damage.
Level 10 9R 6Y
Wall of Fire Damage is applied to Red Mana instead of Life Points. Lasts until Red Mana is zero and reduces your Red Mana by 2 per turn. Level 12 9G 6R
Flaming Skulls Turns Green Gems into Skulls, and turns blue gems into red gems. level 15 3G 6R 3Y 3B
Cauterize Adds +1 to Life Points for every Red Gem in play. Red Gems are not destroyed. Level 20 6R 8B
Meteor Storm Turns 8 random gems into Red Gems. You gain the full effects for all gems transformed. Level 25 10G 14R 6Y
Finger of Death Turns a selected grid into a +5 Skull. After gem is transformed, the turn ends. Level 30 8G 8R 8Y 8B
Lava Core Adds +12 to maximum Red Mana. Your turn does not end. Level 40 12G 24R
Flaming Avatar Adds points equal to your Red Mana to a random Skill. Reduces your Red Mana to zero. Level 50 5G 25R 5Y