The Warrior is one of the four classes available in Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Warriors are an offensive class that focus on dealing direct damage to their opponents, and most of their spells can deal major damage as well. Warriors have a lowered skill point cost for fire mastery, as most of their spells use red mana. Warriors also have a lowered skill point cost when putting points into battle skill.


Description Requirement cost
Battlecry Randomly creates a +5 Skull. Your turn does not end if Red Mana is 15+. level 1 6R 4Y
Wild Lore Destroys all Yellow and Blue Gems. Adds +1 to Experience for every gem destroyed. Level 2 8Y 8B
Spin Attack Destroys gems around a selected gem. You gain full effects for all gems destroyed. Level 3 6G 8R
Cleave Does 1 point of damage for every Yellow Gem in play. All Yellow Gems in play are destroyed. Level 5 9R 6Y
Throw Axe Does 4 points of damage to enemy ,plus an additional +1 for every Skull in play. Level 7 6G 8R
Enrage Adds your Red Mana total to your Battle skill for 8 turns. Your turn does not end after casting this spell. Level 8 2G 6R
Bloodlust Adds +12 to Red Mana, after receiving your mana, the turn ends. Level 10 5G 5Y 5B


Destroys 2 random columns of gems, You gain full effects for all gems destroyed. Level 15 8R 5Y 5B
Berserk Rage Turns Red Gems into Skulls. Your turn does not end if Red Mana is 15+ Level 20 5G 8R
Deathbringer Randomly creates Skulls equal to half your Red Mana. After gems are transformed, the turn ends. Level 30 8G 16R
8Y 8B
Singing Blades Reduces your enemy's Mana Reserves by 4 whenever you do damage. Lasts for 5 turns, plus an additional turn for every 2 of your Yellow Mana. Level 40 8R 6Y
Revenant Doubles your Battle skill. Your Battle returns to normal when combat is completed. Level 50 10G 25R