The Sorcerer is a class in Puzzle Quest 2. According to the character creation screen, they have spells for all occasions, from manipulating the board to direct damage. Sorcerers are the only class who can use Mana Tonics. they start off with 1 Strength, 3 Agility, 1 Stamina, 4 Intelligence, and 2 Morale.


Spell Description Requirement Cost
Mage Strike Deals 5 points of damage, +1 point for every 3 Blue Mana the caster has. Level 1


Wild Mana Transforms a selected Gem to a x2 Wildcard Gem, or adds +2 to an existing Wildcard Gem's multiplier (to a maximum of x7). Level 2 5B
Shadow Curse Stops the opponent from using items. Lasts for 3 turns. Level 3 4P
Dark Channels Select a non-purple Mana Gem. All gems of matching color are destroyed, giving full effect. Level 4 6P
Flame Bolts Fires a 5 damage Flame Bolt at the opponent for every 5 Yellow Mana the caster has, draining Yellow Mana to zero. Level 5 5R
Ice Shield Damage is applied to Blue Mana instead of Life Points. Ends when Blue Mana reaches 0. Uses 2 Blue Mana per turn. Level 6 3B
Flameblade Adds the caster's Red Mana total to the damage of their next weapon attack, draining Red Mana to zero. Level 7 6Y
Weakness Drains the opponent's Action Points, doing 1 damage for every 3 points drained. Level 8 5Y
Hand of Ice Converts all Action Gems to Blue Gems. Level 10 3B
Finger of Death Creats a +5 Skull in a selected location. Level 12 5R
Chasm Choose a Green Gem. The chose Gem, and all Gem in the same row and column, are destroyed, giving full effect. Level 15 8G
Stoneskin Converts all Blue Gems to Green Gems, adding +1 to Defense for every Gem converted. Level 20 5R
Strength Destroys all Action Gems on the board, giving 1 Action Point for each Gem destroyed. Level 25 5R
Fireball Explodes a selected Red Gem, and all Gems surrounding it, giving their full effects Level 30 12R
Mirror Shield Mirrors 50% of damage received at the opponent for 8 turns, +2 more turns for every 8 Blue Mana the caster has. Level 35 4B
Mana Siphon Select a colored Mana Gem. The opponent's matching Mana Reserve is halved and given to the caster. Level 40 20P
Mana Blast Destroys all Mana Gems on the board, dealing 2 damage per Gem destroyed. Level 50 20R