Ships are your only method of travel in Puzzle Quest: Galactrix . You use them to travel the galaxy. They also give benefits in battle. Ships have different statistics, like Weapons. The Weapons stat on your ship determines how many items you can install, as each item has its own limitations. Computer and Engine also function like Weapons. Capacity determines how many minerals you can carry, while Hull is how much damage you can survive wihtout shields, and Shields is how much damage your shields can take.


MRI Blade

Speed: 8 (of coloured segments in bar which shows speed)

Item Slots: 3

Weapons: 13

Computer: 19

Engine: 18

Capacity: 150

Hull: 50

Shields: 20

Standard Shuttle

Speed: 6

Slots: 3

Weapons: 9

Computer: 16

Engine: 20

Capacity: 750

Hull: 45

Shields: 15

Standard Transport

MRI Psionic Array

MRI Mindship

Gamma Sphere