Pirates are an independent faction in Puzzle Quest Galactrix. Pirates are not one of the "Megacorps" unlike MRI, Trident, Cytech and Lumina. Pirates can be considered a lesser version of the Soulless as they both instantly become enemies of the main character.

An ancient Earth gang member would become a Pirate. Pirates did not always work together but they all had a similar goal "To steal whatever they can". In their Portraits/Pictures Pirates looked like lizard-based Humnaoids when actually they could be whatever species e.g Vortraag, Keck,Human , Plasmid, Krystalli (although the last two are highly unlikely).

A Pirate system would usually be an Orange like colour and have 2 asteroids (depending on whether it was a mining system or not). The asteroids in a Pirate system are likely to contain valuable materials e.g Contraband, Medicine, Crystalls. Pirates usually control rim systems

Pirate Systems Edit

  • Quaris
  • Caelum
  • Navi
  • Icarus
  • Scorpius

Pirate Spacecraft Edit

  • Pirate Warship
  • Pirate Battleship