As the player navigates around the universe, they may come upon planets which contain rumors. Completing the rumor mini-game awards Intel points as well a piece of trivia about the Galactrix universe. In fact, rumors are the fastest way to level your character.

Note: The player may encounter their first rumor in the quest Rites of Passage. Upon successful completion of this quest, the player is joined by Elgara, after which the player may complete rumors at any time.

Rumor LocationsEdit

Please reference the full list of rumors.


Rumors splash

Sample gameboard

All rumor games have a specified number of turns that the player must survive. The gameboard is initially populated by colored gems and radiation symbols. The player must make matches to complete a turn, and survive the specified number of turns without matching any radiation symbols. Radiation symbols may not be moved directly.


  • Try to avoid cascades, which increase the length of your turn and may introduce many unknowns.
  • Use gravity to move radiation symbols to one portion of the board, but be careful you don't accidentally match them.