In The Galactrix universe, interstellar travel has been made possible through the invention of Leap Gates. Conveniently for the plotline (and very inconveniently for the player), however, all Leap Gates have been infected by a virus and are no longer functional. Oddly enough, the giant mega-corporations of mankind's future have no maintenance team ready to deal with this crisis and it is up to the player to fix the Leap Gates to enable travel throughout galaxy.

Note: Leap Gates remain open at the beginning of the game until the player reaches the quest Message from Home. After successful completion of this quest, the player will be joined by ED24, after which point any gate can be hacked at any time.


Minigame hack queue

Example of the gem queue

Leap Gates can be cleared by matching specific colors of gems in a specific order before the allotted time runs out. If the player matches multiple colors at once, they may only receive credit for the color that is currently active in the queue. Four-In-A-Row and Five-In-A-Row matches provide no bonuses.

Bonus TimeEdit

Gem hack time

In addition to the normal six colors of gems, the player may also see Clock gems. Matching these gems adds extra time to the clock. Three-In-A-Row matches provide +10 seconds, while Four-In-A-Row matches provides +12 and Five-In-A-Row provides +14.

Offline GatesEdit

To the frustration of many players, Leap Gates will not necessarily stay open once they have been hacked. On occasion, you will see the message "Gate Offline" and the gate will close, requiring the player to hack the Leap Gate again if they wish to pass.


  • Try not to cause a cascade, as the player may lose control of the board for a long time during which the clock still runs down.
  • Keep any eye out for any colors without many gems on the board. If they are grouped closely, try not to disturb their arrangement with your matches. If they are not grouped closely, try to maneuver them together in the course of your normal play. That way, if the color comes up, you won't waste too much time moving them all over the board.
  • If you are stuck, make random matches as quickly as possible to introduce the color gems you are looking for.