When purchasing items from shops, the player may haggle for a discount.

Note: The player may first haggle in the quest Trail Rations. After successful completion of this quest, the player is joined by Pezt and may then haggle at any time after that.


Gem haggle yellowGem haggle redGem haggle greenGem haggle purpleGem haggle whiteGem haggle black

The Haggle mini-game is the most simple of all the mini-games. The player must clear as many gems off the board as possible. For every gem less than 16 left on the board, the player is awarded a discount, beginning with 2% for 15 gems remaining up to 75% if the entire board is cleared. The discount is only good for one transaction (i.e. a purchase or a sale).


  • Make matches from the outside in, using gravity to draw remaining pieces into a tight grouping.