These quests are required to complete the main storyline.

Puzzle Quest; Challenge of the Warlords Main QuestsEdit

Puzzle Quest 2 Main QuestsEdit

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Main QuestsEdit

Quest Name Description
First Task Travel to Erebus Sigma Station
Test Flight Take your ship for a test flight around the Erebus System.
Pirate Patrol Travel to various points in the Erebus System looking for signs of Pirates.
Angry Pirates Hunt down a second Pirate in the Erebus System.
Ore Run Learn how to mine ore on one of Erebus' many asteroids.
Message from Home Decipher Sable's message and make contact with him.
Hackerz You must hack your way through two sets of LeapGates to reach the Talus and then the Gemini Systems.
Distress Beacon You must answer the call of a distress beacon from Gemini Labs.
Warm Trail You must try and track down whatever it is that escaped from Gemini Labs.
Marauders You must respond to a distress call. Another ship in the Elea System is being attacked by Pirates.
Unidentified You must follow the trail of the creature that escaped from Gemini Labs into the Elysia System and beyond.
On the Horizon You must travel to the Keck System, locate a weapon trader, and buy something to help you fight the modified ships of these mysterious creatures.
The Ravagers You must follow the trail of the ship to the Cygnus System.
Hatching a Plan You must travel to Jahrwox Prime to inform its people of the destruction on Cygnus II.
The Net You must put together a Mag-Net to try and capture one of the creatures who destroyed Cygnus II.
Sanctuary You must travel to Quesada to speak with the Priests and learn about the creature you have captured.
Rites of Passage You must perform a service for the Quesadans as payment for information about the creature.
Starhound Travel to the Emporium of Keck to purchase a device that can track ships.
Fresh Tracks Track the Soulless ships with the Starhound.
Sirius Descendant Investigate the heaviest trail through the Sirius LeapGate.
Parting Ways Continue following the trail of the Soulless through the Pleione LeapGate.
Less Traveled You must formulate a new plan to locate the Soulless.
Hidden Facts You must search the Icarus, Navi and Degani Systems for information about the Luminary Archive.
Price of Knowledge You must search the Icarus Alpha Moon to try and find the Luminary Archive Facility.
True Gemini You must search the Luminary Archive for any sign of the Soulless or what they might have been seeking.
APB You must head to the Terra System to search for more information on the MRI Breeding Program.
Into Chaos You must deliver Sable to a meeting in the Vega System.
Into Darkness You must try to broker an alliance with the Lumina Megacorp.
Secrets MRI are seeking you out. You must try to escape them.
Unusual Offer You must try to broker a deal with the Trident Megacorp.
Into Oblivion You must try to broker a deal with the Cytech Megacorp.
The Barrage You must try and escape from MRI ships that have been contacted by Cytech.
Into Alliance You must once again discuss the possibility of working with Trident.
Defense of Plasmia You must help Trident defend Plasmia from the Soulless.
Gomorrah You must try to gather intelligence on the Soulless.
Acheron You must try to gather intelligence on the Soulless by visiting the Acheron System.
Wild Geese You must search the Systems beyond Acheron for signs of the Soulless.
Revealed You must convince the Spirit of Acheron to help you.
Evolution You must use the Krystalli heart to locate the Soulless.
Unity You must report back to Trident and receive a new mission.
Source of Power You must use the Krystalli heart to locate the Gamma Sphere.
Sphere's End You must destroy the Gamma Sphere.
Fate You must finalize your deal with General Tarn of Trident.