Lysean Crown
Vital statistics
Type Helm
Effects Adds +5 to your Morale skill.
Source Shop
Cost to buy 520 Gold
Cost to sell 130 Gold

The Lysean Crown is an item that can be obtained in Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, requiring the player to be Level 10 to obtain. It is a direct upgrade from the Noble Helm.


The only way to obtain the Lysean Crown is by purchasing it from a shop for 520 gold.


The Lysean Crown increases Morale, which increases the user's maximum life points, chance of receiving an extra turn when matching purple stars, chance of spawning a wild card when matching purple stars, and the user's resistance to spells (+1% for every 20 Morale). It is most useful on characters with lower Morale skills as they will receive the most life points from the boost. The Lysean Crown will not allow the player to obtain items that require a higher Morale level than their base Morale.