The Lumina Logo

Lumina is one of the main factions in Puzzle Quest Galactrix. They are one of the Megacorps. Their home system is Terra and hosts Earth and Mars. Lumina is one of the four "megacorps" along with MRI ,Cytech and Trident. The Lumina faction has many archives of the Human Empire which includes one on Mars, a slightly bigger one on Earth and the powerhouse Luminary Archive.

History Edit

Lumina are a deeply religious race who stayed in the Terra system when the Human race moved out across the stars. Before the seventh dark age Lumina had stored all the books and databases of mankind.

Lumina Systems Edit

Lumina control a variety of star systems which include Terra, Polaris and Orion. They border with the factions MRI, Cytech, Quesadan, Elysia, Vortraag, Keck and Trident.

  • Terra
  • Polaris
  • Orion
  • Ramses
  • Beta Centauri
  • Alpha Centauri

Lumina Spacecraft Edit

The Lumina faction have many powerful spaceships such as the Lumina Warship and the Capitol Class Luminary Archive which has 215 health and 7+ slots for ultimate damage.