The Knight is one of four classes avaliable in Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. The Knight is the most well-rounded of the four classes, and has the highest base Morale skill. Due to their high Morale, they receive more Hit Points and are more resilient to enemy spells than the other classes. Some of the Knight's spells focus on collecting experience, which means that Knights can level up more quickly than any other class.


Spell Description Requirement Cost
Thrust Destroys a selected gem. You gain full effect for the gem destroyed. Level 1 6R 6B
Divine Right Destroys all Purple Stars. You gain the full effects for all gems destroyed. Level 2 6Y 6B
Challenge Adds +50% to damage on both players for 6 turns. Your turn does not end if Yellow Mana is 15+. Level 3 6R 6Y
Stun Does 5 points of damage to enemy, and your enemy loses 1 turn, plus an additional +1 damage for every 8 Red Mana. Level 4 6G 5R
Trample Does damage equal to half your Green Mana to enemy. Does 1 point of damage minimum. Level 5 7G 7R
Favor Gives a 50% chance add +1 Life Points for each Experience
Point received. Lasts for 8 turns, plus an additional turn for every 6 of your
Yellow Mana.
Level 7 6Y 8B
Courage Removes all status effects on you. Your turn does not end if Blue Mana is 10+. Level 8 2R 2Y 2B
Promotion Turns all gems of the selected type into Purple Stars. Any type can be selected, including skulls or Gold. Level 10 8G 8R 8Y 8B
Charge! Destroys a selected row of gems and does 5 points of damage. You gain the effects of every gem destroyed. Level 12 6G 6R 6Y 6B
Vigil Adds +3 to all of your Mana Reserves whenever you match 4 or
5 gems. Lasts 8 turns, plus an additional turn for every 5 Blue Mana.
Level 15 6Y 8B
Knight Lord Doubles the number of Purple Stars in play. After gems are transformed, the turn ends. Level 20 6G 6Y 6B
Sword of Sirian Does damage equal to your Yellow Mana. Drops your Yellow Mana to zero. Level 30 10G 10R 10Y
Chivalry Raises all Mana Reserves to full on both players. Removes all status effects on both players. Level 40 16G 16R 16Y
Paladin's Aura Adds +2 to all Mana reserves at the beginning of each turn. Lasts 8 turns, plus an additional turn for every 5 Yellow Mana. Level 50 12Y 9B