Frozen Staff
Vital statistics
Type Weapon
Effects Gives a 1% chance per point of Blue Mana that your enemy will lose a turn whenever you do 2 or more damage.
Source Shop
Cost to buy 1330 Gold
Cost to sell 332 Gold

The Frozen Staff is a weapon that can be obtained in Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, requiring Level 8 Water mastery to buy.


The Frozen Staff can only be obtained by purchasing it in a shop for a price of 1330 gold.


This staff benefits from characters with high water mastery, allowing a higher chance of stunning enemies as more Blue Mana is obtained. With 100 Blue Mana, every attack that does at least 2 damage is guaranteed to stun the enemy, which can result in long stun-locks if enough skulls present themselves on the board.


In the Revenge of the Plague Lord expansion of the game, the Frozen staff will have a 1% chance per 3 points of Blue Mana held to stun the enemy, making it less effective at stunning enemies than the standard game.