The Galactrix universe features various mega-corporations who have taken over the universe and formed "factions" that essentially operate as independent nations. In addition to the mega-corporations, there are alien races such as the Vortraag and independent factions such as Pirates and the Soulless.

List of FactionsEdit

Faction Description Home
Trident A militaristic organization, avid shipbuilders and one of the four Megacorps. Aries
MRI One of the Megacorps, mainly made up of telepaths. Serpens
Cytech A high-tech group, partly made of robots and androids. One of the Megacorps. Fornax
Lumina A largely religious group, one of the Megacorps. Terra
Vortraag A race of lizard-like creatures who put up a strong resistance to the Empire. Vortraag
Elysia The paradise planet of these frail, easily-conquered creatures is a popular tourist destination. Elysia
Keck A race of creatures capable of flight, the Keck are intense but reputable merchants. Keck
Degani The Degani are renowned galaxy-wide as excellent chefs and masters of hospitality. Degani
Jahrwoxi These creatures are sly, mercantile, and above all else, dishonest. It is a well-known saying that a Jahrwoxi can never be trusted. Jahrwox
Krystalli Closer to mineral than lifeform, these telepathic rock-like beings are mercilessly hunted by MRI for their telepathic abilities. Krystallus
Quesadans The Quesadans are a tall, thin, and deeply religious people. Their planet is a horde of undiscovered treasures and artifacts. Quesada
Plasmids Fluidic beings whose habitat is water, the Plasmids are almost undetectable when they wish to remain hidden. Plasmia
Pirates The ancient Earth gang member became the modern day Pirate. Though divided by a number of turf wars, the Pirates are united in one common purpose - to steal whatever they can. None
Soulless A race of genetically advanced clones hellbent on destroying the galaxy. None